Friday, June 7, 2013

DEATHSCAPE (Broslin Creek) by Dana Marton

DEATHSCAPE (Broslin Creek) by Dana Marton
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Published: October 2012, Dana Marton

He is filling his museum, his legacy, with masterpieces created with human remains he has spent years collecting. He zeroes in on his victims, takes what he needs from them and discards the rest of their remains for the police to find.

Ever since serial killer Blackwell killed his sister, detective Jack Sullivan has devoted his life and police career to tracking him down. Until he finds himself trapped by the very man he is trying to catch, but instead of killing Jack, Blackwell buries him alive.

Ashley Price is an artist, trying to get her life back together after a near death experience a year ago. She desperately wants to get healthy enough to provide a stable home for her daughter. 
When in her studio trying to put her brush to canvass, she is overcome with a blind urge to paint, almost in a trance. Wen she sees what she has done, she recognizes the place she has painted......a place right on the edge of her property, and a man in a grave.....with his eyes open.

Ashley manages to find and rescue Jack from his shallow grave, but is unable to explain how she knew where to find him. She automatically becomes a suspect.
Although Jack doesn't believe the woman who saved him is the killer, he thinks she must be connected to him somehow and he is torn between attraction and mistrust.

Wow.....obsessed to the exclusion of everything else, that's Jack, but you can't really blame him. Although in the course of the story his vision becomes broader, to include Ashley and hier daughter. At first as a possible lead, but later as his to protect.

Great thrill ride, from the first page on!! Although in hindsight there were hints, the outcome was still a surprise! This is book one in the Broslin Creek Series and I will make sure to read the next one, DEATHTRAP (Broslin Creek) , as well!


  1. Thank you so much for the amazing review, Margaret! I'm so glad you liked Jack's story. I miss "working" with the characters. Us authors spend months and months with them, so sometimes they become almost like friends. It's always a thrill when readers respond to them. Dana

  2. Can't wait to read "Deathscape", Margreet! You know me well ~~ P.S. Great Blog! .... Tracey

    1. Thanks Tracey.... I'm sure you'll enjoy it. In a few weeks I'll be doing a review for the next book in this series DEATHTRAP