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To Be Published: June 24th 2013, Loveswept

Nashville Assassins' goalie, Jordan Ryan, is sick of sitting on the bench. At the rate he is going, he won't be between the pipes again as primary goalie any time soon. Before he blew his knee out, two years ago, he could do no wrong, and even though he has trained hard and feels he is back on top of his game, his coach will not give him a chance. He needs to start looking around for a team that will, because he is not ready to hang up his skates!

What a nightmare wedding!! Aynslee Shaw is just returning home to Nashville, where she works as a teacher, dressed in a bridesmaid's dress.....of all things!! Coming from a large, loud and boisterous family, she knows you can expect about anything at a family gathering, but being stuck on an airplane without anything other to wear than an ugly-as-sin dress and worse hooker shoes, courtesy of her niece......the bride, is not something she expected! But When Aynslee spots the big, hunky guy she'll be sitting next to for the duration of the trip, her day is sure looking up!!

Jordan is shy and tongue tied, but immediately attracted to the gorgeous redhead who plops down beside him. After a rather shaky start, they have a great time talking, but once they land, he disappears. Aynslee can't get him out of her head, she thought they were really getting along well, but apparently she totally misread his signals.
Just about when she is ready to give up on Jordan, he reappears, and this time, as is in her nature, Aynslee prepares to clear things up with him. Jordan doesn't just clear them up.....he BURNS them up.........and Aynslee melts, into a puddle. 

I was so sad that I was done reading........I wanted more, much, much more!!!

Jordan is amazing, so cute when he's shy and sincere. Love a conscientious man!! He well described, I feel I know him, or at least enough about him to get where he is at.
Aynslee could be my best friend....or me!!! Minus the looks. Loud, fun, basically a happy person, from a loud happy background, secure enough with herself not to have to identify herself with jobs or places. She is who she is, and I love that about her!
These two have chemistry and it leaps off the pages!!

Such an AWESOME, steamy, endearing story!! AND it's about a hockey can you go wrong??? I'm Canadian? Eh?

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