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To Be Published: August 29, 2013, The Writer's Coffee Shop

My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐

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Kyran has a tight reign on his life, it's all about control. CEO for his family's business by day and at night he likes to release some tension at Metro, a fight club. Even in his social life his boundaries are clearly defined and controlled. That is, until his brother's new office assistant walks into his office and scrambles all his senses.

Dale is not at her best when she starts her first day at her new job. She is still reeling from the betrayal, after finding her ex-boyfriend in bed with her best friend and losing her previous job. But nothing could have prepared her for the man she encounters when she enters the office. Her new boss, CEO of the company, Kyran Reese, and brother of the man she is to work for, is authoritative, arrogant, intimidating and makes her body respond in the most delicious way.

Kyran is intrigued by the fact that Dale does not back down from him at all, she seems to give as good as she gets. But despite the tantalizing verbal sparring and the undeniable physical attraction, they try to stay away from an office entanglement. It doesn't last long......and they come to a sex-only agreement. 
Company issues and family problems filter into the 'relationship', and slowly the agreement least so it seems. 

A fabulous read!!!
Kyran is a somewhat emotionally stunted man, who has not learned how to express and yet can respond in extreme ways. Dale has the ability to soothe and settle him, but she gives all of herself and leaves herself vulnerable. What you see is what you get with Dale.
I loved both characters and they were hot as hell together! 

I so appreciate the opportunity to read the ARC for BENEATH THE SURFACE by M. A. Stacie

A deliciously fine book and absolutely worth it!!!!!

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