Friday, June 21, 2013

BLAZE OF WINTER by Elisabeth Barrett

Published: September 2012, Loveswept

After a traumatic incident takes the life of one of her clients, Avery Newbridge, a social worker from Boston, decides to take a time out in Star Harbour and reassess her life. Her aunt Kate who lives in Star Harbour, could use some help with the Inn, since she is still recovering from her chemo treatments. Avery loves her aunt, she is almost like a mother to her and her sister Emma, who also lives in Star Harbour. It will be the perfect hide-away for Avery....until she figures out what she wants.

Theo Grayson is having some serious writer's block when he arrives back home. Home is a far cry from the West Coast bustle he has become used to, but he hopes the quaint and quiet New England coastal village he grew up in, will inspire his writing muse.
So far, staying with two of his brothers on a houseboat, has not really been conducive to any productivity. But when he goes to check out the Inn to see if they have anything more suitable available for a longer term, and sees a woman with a fiery head of hair behind the desk, he thinks he may have found his muse.

Theo moves into the Inn and is the only guest for the time being making this a perfect location for him to work quietly. And Avery, although a bit reserved around him, is able to help him come up with a great idea for his new book. At the same time, Theo seems to be able to break through Avery's carefully erected barriers on occasion. The times he does, passion brings her alive, but all too soon the shutters go back up....with Theo at least. Everywhere else, Avery is opening up, making friends and enjoying new and old things. But once Theo has his mind made up, his calm persistence threatens to bring down the last of Avery's defences.

The second book in the Star Harbour Series was a worthy follow up on Deep Autumn Heat, book#1. 
This time we get a closer look at Theo, the writer half of the Grayson twins. He has always been the more studious brother of the bunch, the planner more so than the executor. Accustomed to the life of the famous now, he perhaps had become a bit jaded, but seems happy to slide back into his own skin, coming back home especially with Avery there. 
Avery is tormented......rather, she torments herself with guilt and responsibility over events she had no control over. But that is her nurture. And when that fails, Avery concludes the failure must have been hers. She is so afraid to let go, to let feelings carry her away, because it makes her feel vulnerable. But she grows stronger and more secure in herself, through her friends and family and finally through Theo.

An uncomplicated, wonderful story about two loveable people!!

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