Monday, June 3, 2013

REBURN (The Hotshots) by Anne Marsh

REBURN (The Hotshots) by Anne Marsh
(U.S. link: Reburn )
To Be Published:  July 18, 2013, eKensington

Sam Clayton, hotshot with the U.S. Forest Service fighting a forest fire that already had 300 acres up in smoke, receives word that a few military men and one FBI agent who are in the vicinity on a case, are in the path of the fire and out of radio contact. Not willing to risk any of his men, Sam goes out to try and locate them himself.

Olivia Albert, an FBI Special Agent tracking down a domestic terrorist who has stockpiled arms in bunkers in Sequioa National Park, can see the approaching fire, but her vehicle won't start. She thinks she has time to make one last attempt to find a trace of her target, before she and her men need to walk out to avoid getting trapped.

After sending her military cohorts on their way to safety, Sam finds Olivia and they realize this is not the first time they meet in Sequoia National Park. They met for the first time ten years ago. There is no time to catch up on old times, there is an armed and dangerous terrorist running loose and a fire they can't seem to outrun. They outrun one fire........but end up rekindling another.

REBURN (The Hotshots) is suspenseful from beginning to end.....and on the occasions it is not, it is sensually passionate......either way, the book is difficult to put down. I would not have minded a bit more context to the characters, but the story covers just a very brief time frame.

A good, short, adrenaline read, with great passionate scenes that are beautifully written.

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