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Published: June 4, 2013, Forever Yours

A photo is uncovered looks recent.....but how is that possible?

Avery Solomon, commander for A-Tac, a CIA black ops unit, is sure his wife died 14 years ago, but when no evidence of tampering can be found on this image of his wife, he is compelled to search for an answer.

Clues lead him to Southeast Asia where he meets up with Sidney Price, an operative posing as a wilderness guide. She is supposed to lead him to his former partner's compound in hostile territory and there is an instant attraction between them.
Someone is determined to stop them, however, and they narrowly escape an attack on Sidney's boat and a raid on the the compound. When the A-Tac team is able to pull them out, they manage to come away with a few answers.....and a few more questions. But this doesn't stop the relationship between Avery and Sidney from heating up.

The threat has not let up........where before it seemed only Avery was the intended target, now Sidney appears to have drawn attention as well and the team is scrambling to find out who is behind this.......and why??

After reading the Prologue, I was not sure yet. But after I had read the first chapter I was hooked.............line and sinker!

DIRE DISTRACTION is the 8th book in the "A-Tac Series", and the first book of the series I read. I will have to go back and read the 7 that went before, it was that good!!!! 
Suspense won over romance, but not by much! 

The suspense was an action packed, thrill ride. The romance was a simmering, mature build-up, and sparks into a hot blaze, yum!

"A-Tac Series" by Dee Davis in order:

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