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It has taken years to build the hard layers around herself, but it is all she can do to survive the life to which she seems to have been destined. Living in a leaky, old trailer with a destitute and addicted mother and an abusive, junkie boyfriend, while she works in a dinghy restaurant to try and keep them all fed.
So forgive her if she doesn't have time to socialize, or if she doesn't have any trust left to give. It's all she can do, just to put one foot in front of the other. Cass Daniels has only very small dreams left......very faint.

Therefore when Tucker White sits down in a booth in her section and and stirs her up, Cass instinctively shows her claws. And later when Jackson, Cass' boyfriend, comes in to harass her for money, and Tucker jumps to her rescue.....she is all but dumbstruck. Never......ever, has someone stood up for her and it confuses her. 

Cass has no idea what Tucker is doing in town, or what he does for a living, or what he wants from her but she feels drawn to him. He has taken on the role of her protector and although part of her enjoys being taken care of, she is mostly afraid of what repercussions wait for her at home. Still, a connection between them exists and they both sense it. 

Then Tucker tells Cass a bit about his own history, not unlike hers, and she feels, maybe for the first time, that someone looking out for HER. 

Lovely book!!!! Not letting go of more details, you're going to have to read it......Highly recommended.

The book very obviously centres around Cass who was resigned to the miserable existence she lived, but there was still that one smouldering ember of hope for a different future. Tucker was the catalyst, he showed Cass there was possibility. But it was important that Cass be the one to extricate herself from her existence, bit by bit, however slow, so she could build her resolve and confidence. Tucker could have stepped in and taken over like an Alpha male, but he let Cass do her own growing and in that, showed great maturity.

Lots of character growth in this book, almost like watching children grow up.....painfully having to stand by, while they make they make their mistakes in order to move on stronger. 
It was quite beautiful.

Next is: WHITE TRASH DAMAGED scheduled to be released October 8th, 2013

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