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Published: January 2013, J. A. Hornbuckle

Leila, although in her early thirties and an accomplished English professor, is as innocent and oblivious as they come. After overhearing some brutal student gossip about her, Leila decides it is time to come out of her cocoon and start tasting life. At the onset of this journey of self-discovery, she meets Dex, a tattoo artist, who is immediately intrigued with the unassuming, quiet woman, who wants the transformation into a butterfly inked on her skin.

Having thrown off his own shackles of a vanilla existence to embrace life to its fullest, Dex understands Leila's drive for change. But the feelings that he is developing for her scare the crap out of him.
The changes in Leila's appearance and in her life are not understood or appreciated by everyone, however. And soon, both Dex and Leila are receiving threats and the police have to be involved.
Even starting out from what appear to be such different walks of life, and encountering a myriad of roadblocks along the way, Leila and Dex manage to find the balance and the life they both were looking for.

....yeah, most definitely in the style of Kristen Ashley, one of my favourites. Nicely done!

I enjoyed this book, the storyline was good, I found the characters to be sympathetic (although Leila seemed a tad too naive for a 31 year old prof) and the supporting crew was interesting enough to want to know more about. Some areas of the book seemed a little rushed, in particular the suspense portions, but overall the flow was good.
The intimate scenes are very well described.......and hot. J.A. Hornbuckle certainly has that area covered quite well!!
One more note I have to make.......this book needs some final editing. There are still a few grammar and punctuation errors in place and it takes away from the reading pleasure and that's too bad....

I'm glad there are more books to follow, where I might have a peek at what becomes of these two.......and I will keep reading J.A. Hornbuckle to see where this series goes. I will also go back and read her earlier book POLE DANCE, which tells the story of Caitlin and Jake, whom we meet in this review book.

Next up in the series: HUMAN HIEROGLYPHIX - CRYS & GABE, available now.

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