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TELL ME by Lisa Jackson

TELL ME by Lisa Jackson
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Nikki Gillette is a crime reporter for the Savannah Sentinel, who has also written two best selling true crime novels, with a third one due under contract. She had personal involvement with the first two book subjects, but the third book is giving her problems. That is, until she hears that Blondell O'Henry is about to be released from jail.

Ms. O'Henry is considered the most hated woman in all of Savannah, since she was convicted of murdering her pregnant teenage daughter and shooting her two younger children. Her son, who at the time of her trial pointed Blondell out as the shooter, is now recanting his testimony. This is throwing the entire case open to investigation once again and in charge is detective Pierce Reed, who happens to be Nikki's fiancé.

Nikki is assigned the story by the Sentinel and plans to use it for her next book, especially since Amity, Blondell's teenage daughter, was Nikki's best friend at the time of the murder. Given that Ms. O' Henry is being very evasive and won't give any interviews, Nikki is hoping that this personal connection will give her a foot in the door. 
Information Nikki uncovers around her Uncle Alex's role as the defence lawyer in the murder trial, she stirs up quite a few skeletons in her own family closet. She is ruffling feathers left, right and centre.

She tries hard to pump Reed for the inside track on his investigation, but he will not budge and does his best to keep Nikki safely away from the case. Nikki has other ideas, and despite stalkers and threats, she continues her own investigation, with or without Reed's blessing. 

A fabulous read.... A fragile line between professional and personal lives is being balanced here by the two main characters. Both in the business of investigating, very constrained by rules and regulations, the other.......not so much. Great tension/respect between Nikki and Reed.

As for the storyline....a delicious, sultry build up of a mystery, with a twisted finale!!! 

If you want to know how Nikki and Pierce met, read; THE MORNING AFTER

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