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FORGED IN STEELE (KGI #7) by Maya Banks

FORGED IN STEELE (KGI #7) by Maya Banks
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Published: June 25, 2013, Berkley

Dr. Maren Scofield devotes herself to her patients in the small village in Costa Rica, where she runs the local clinic. The only occasional excitement she sees, is when one of the KGI operations teams comes in unexpectedly, with injuries that need to be tended to. The KGI was responsible for rescuing her and a group of others from a hostage situation a few years prior and they have stayed in touch over the years.

During a rescue operation, Steele and a few of his KGI team have incurred some injuries and stop in to see Maren for medical care on their way back to the U.S.. Of course Steele, dubbed the iceman by those under his command because of his apparent lack of emotion, waives off any medical care for himself. But Maren, after having treated the others, insists. Because even though she feels self-conscious in his presence, she doesn't seem to be easily impressed by his scary demeanour.

Steele may present an unflappable and gruff exterior, but just because he doesn't show anything, doesn't mean he can't feel anything. And he feels plenty when he is around Maren, but he is as committed to his job as she is to hers, so he treats it as an itch that only requires a scratch to get rid of it. This itch won't go, and Steele finds himself back on Maren's doorstep not quite sure what it is he is doing there. Maren is not complaining, even though she realizes whatever she gets will be of a temporary nature, she is willing to take whatever she can. Steele doesn't know what to do with this unfamiliar situation, that is, until he hears upon return from a mission, that Maren has gone missing. He finds himself moving heaven and earth to get her back, he has no choice, he realizes his future is out there somewhere....... 


I so enjoy the camaraderie and ribbing between the guys (and girls) from KGI. It really does come across as one great, big family, and every new book, the connections seem to get stronger and the personalities more defined.

Steele has always been one of the more attractive characters to me, maybe because of his aloofness or the fact hat he was so difficult to peg in any way. But you always knew there was something very warm once you'd get to the core, which made him a very intriguing challenge. His match would have to be someone with a strong backbone and a good sense of herself. Maren certainly meets those criteria, she is very independent, but not recklessly so, is very courageous and has a big heart. The chemistry these two generate is of a smouldering nature, burning and deep. And in the end, both Maren and Steele prove to be flexible enough to adjust their focused individual plans for the future, to joint ones.

Highly anticipated and didn't disappoint!!! Exciting read!!

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