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EXOTICA by Eden Bradley

EXOTICA by Eden Bradley
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Published: December, 2007, Delta
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Published: June, 2013, Virgin Digital

Seven Days Of Kama Sutra

A need to find her confidence and reconnect with herself, after a marriage and divorce that did considerable damage, drove Lilly to accept the offer of her old college friend, Caroline. 
Caroline manages Exotica, a luxury resort where women's fantasies can be fulfilled, and has suggested Lilly come come and indulge for a week.

Already overwhelmed with the opulent beauty of her surroundings, Lilly is almost paralyzed by the impact of the man before her; Rajan, her companion and Kama Sutra guide. The only thing that keeps her functioning is the knowledge that he is merely here to do a job, and she is the customer. 
Rajan is a very erotic lover, skilled and passionate, but at times soft and tender as well. He teaches her to trust in herself and her own strength. 

Under Rajan's tutelage, Lilly blossoms and she loses all insecurities, inhibitions ......... and also her heart.

Nine Days Of Arabian Nights

Caroline has managed Exotica for five years now and all these years she has observed other women have their fantasies fulfilled, but not even once has she considered using the resort's offerings to help her break her boundaries down. She is ready now.....she thinks.....with the opening of a new portion of the resort, Arabian Nights, she feels this might be the perfect opportunity.

Kian is the perfect companion candidate for Arabian Nights. Caroline knew it as soon as she saw his picture, but meeting him in person shakes her iron control to the core. He is beautiful, poised  and powerful. She is determined to pursue her own sensual discovery and proposes to him a nine day trial period.......with her.

Kian senses deep issues at the root of Caroline's need for control and with his firm persuasion and dominant sexuality is able to guide her to release control and give herself, body, heart and soul.

My oh my......... This book was a lush fantasy for the senses....all of them!!! 

What makes this book so incredibly special is not necessarily the stories themselves. Although the struggle of two women on a journey of self-discovery, breaking down barriers, is compelling. It is not even the beauty that strength can come simply from the acknowledgement of needing someone.

No, what makes this book so very special, is that infused with sights, sounds, texture, fragrance and flavour, Eden Bradley engages every sense to the fullest. Bravo!!

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