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HOT RIDE by Kelly Jamieson

HOT RIDE by Kelly Jamieson
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Published: September 2012, Samhain Publishing Ltd.

Sera Manning has to do battle to get an undercover assignment, bringing down a manufacturing and distribution operation of Angel Sugar, a new drug flooding the market. But having only been a DEA agent for four years, she was still considered a rookie. And she really wants this particular assignment that involves getting close to a motorcycle gang, she has her own reasons. She just has to prove she can handle herself and she is quite capable of doing that!

ATF agent Ryan Thomas is deep undercover with a motorcycle gang on a case involving arms, drugs and murder.
The most danger he has been in has been from disgruntled boyfriends and husbands of women who keep throwing themselves at far he's been able to keep himself from getting involved with anyone, but people are starting to question his sexual orientation. He could really use a 'girlfriend' and when he inquires if a female undercover agent has been found yet to join his team, he reluctantly agrees to have the 'rookie' DEA agent, Sera, added to his team.

Even though Sera and Ryan don't exactly have the same agenda, they do their best to make their fake relationship work, despite some trust issues. At some point they even move in together, but being in such close proximity doesn't help extinguish the sparks that have been shooting since they first set eyes on each other. In fact, it appears the closer they get, the hotter it flames, despite each of their misgivings. It does, however, seem to improve their ability to rely on each other's skills.

It takes all of Sera and Ryan's focus to stay on task and to put the right players in place to bring this organization down, but it is a fine line to walk between what is right and what feels right at times. In the end it is a matter of coming face to face with the past, surviving the present and choosing the future...........and may the good guys win!!!!!


What I love about this story is that at the outset all seems so black and white, but during the course of reading it and getting involved with its characters, more and more grey starts filling the contrast. I enjoyed the many layers to the characters, they were definitely not one-dimensional and became more and more interesting as the story progressed. There was definite growth all the way through. 

And I haven't even mentioned anything about the great action.....the chick with the great moves.....the scorching 'bedroom' scenes.......the hot biker guys???? But I have to leave something for you to read!!

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