Sunday, June 16, 2013

MAKING IT LAST by Ruthie Knox

MAKING IT LAST - A Novella (Camelot Series) by Ruthi Knox
(U.S. link: Making It Last )
Advanced Reading Copy
To Be Published: July 15, 2013, Loveswept

Amber Mazzara is not happy.........she should be, she just spent time at a beautiful resort with her family, attending a wedding, but with three kids in tow it wasn't quite the idyllic picture she had formed in her mind. She doesn't know what it is she does want. She loves her husband, her kids, but they don't really see her as a person, at least it doesn't feel that way.

Tony Mazzara knows there is something wrong with his wife, but he is not sure what to do about it. His business takes up almost every hour of his day and night and he is barely managing to keep them afloat.
He urges Amber to stay behind at the resort for a few more nights. He hopes that a few days lounging by the pool with a book, without the boys needing constant attention, may give her the space she seems to need. Once back home, however, Tony is not so sure leaving Amber alone was the right decision and he promises the boys he will go and bring their mother back. 

When Amber sees Tony at the bar of the resort, she is not ready to deal with the reality of her husband just yet, and the two of them pretend to be strangers getting acquainted. Closely acquainted ........ testing to see if the spark is still alive.

I recognize myself in this book.....and I would bet that most any mother in a relationship will say the same. A stunning book!!

Amber is lost.....In her house, her marriage and her life. She has lost herself in the roles she is filling for others, but when no one is around, she has no clue who she is supposed to be. 
Tony is stuck in a similar way, he is fulfilling his role as provider, working harder every day to be able to keep it up. The problem is, neither one has checked in with the other to see what it is they actually need. Needs people do and times change. Reassessments are necessary and communication is imperative.

An insightful and heartbreakingly beautiful novella by Ruthie Knox.

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